Dynell Offers Latitude/Longitude Omega Receiver

Dynell Electronics Corporation, Melville, N.Y., announces the introduction of its new Model 400 Omega System.

Designed to utilize the proven reliable Omega 300/300A Receiver, the Model 400 is a compact, state-of-the-art device displaying direct latitude and longitude position fixes based on Omega signal information. Utilizing the latest micro-processor technology, the Model 400, once initialized, offers virtually handsoff Omega navigation. Special Omega navigation charts and voluminous propagation correction tables are no longer needed. A desirable feature of the Model 400 is that it can be added to all existing Model 300/300A receivers currently in use without modification. Hundreds of vessels can step up to LAT/LON navigation for the modest cost of the Model 400 alone.

Dynell Electronics Corporation is currently supplying domestic and international markets with both commercial and military marine and aircraft Omega navigators. For further information, contact Walter Perlowski, Dynell Electronics Corporation, 75 Maxess Road, Melville, N.Y. 11746.

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